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We break down the gaps between learners and learning facilitators. Powerful and easy to use, VowelLMS will help you create and deliver an impactful learning experience that helps learners to do their jobs better.

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Ensuring safety and compliance while planning is a critical success metric for the Manufacturing industry.<br>Adhering to new manufacturing standards and processes is mandatory for this industry.

The sheer volume of compliance to meet new standards and policies from the EU, the US, and various regulatory authorities means aligning learning and training with changing legislations. And while these are not the only forces, an ever-changing workforce and accelerated globalisation are pushing the supply chain framework to adapt to new economic norms.

VowelLMS is designed ground up to support the learning and training needs of your entire workforce.

You can create and assign courses and upload and track any learning content in Vowel at light speed. Automate Certifications to optimise safety and mitigate non-compliance risks. Comply with OSHA, ISO to support lean manufacturing and six sigma initiatives.

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describe-img-Financial Services

Financial Services

Financial Services customers work in highly competitive and volatile markets. With the world becoming flat, regulatory bodies are adopting seamless compliance mechanisms to compete faster and scale.

Changing economic landscape, compliance with statutory authorities, pressure to release new products and services and customer retention drive them crazy. Access to new technology and innovation has brought them closer to their customers than ever and this means they have more access to their end customers.

AI powered chatbots recommend learning courses in a prescriptive format. With VowelLMS you are never away from where learning happens, in the context of your work and in the flow of work.

From Sales to Customer Support, every employee needs to stay ahead of the curve and understand the broad range of Products and Services. VowelLMS helps you to respond faster to market changes and regulations by plugging learning in the flow of work.

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describe-img-Tech & Telecom

Tech & Telecom

The Technology Industry understands the value of a Learning Management System. Driven by the need to continuously innovate, the Tech Industry is very agile and moves at lightspeed.

Delivering innovative Products and Services is critical for Technology companies. Training the high-tech staff on continuously shifting technology trends, demand for new technologies and new processes drives this industry at a hyper speed. In the speed economy Technology companies survive on competencies that are designed for the future of Project Success. Yes, we understand.

VowelLMS is an early adopter of Technology. We know the value of automation, and transformation. Modular, Flexible and Extensible, Vowel integrates with your systems of choice.

Be it a CRM or a Web Conferencing solution, a HRMS, or even a Project Management Software, Vowel integrates with your existing systems and with your new if you are deploying your next. Vowel’s unique Competency mapping tools help you to define competencies at multiple levels and assess skills and gaps based on the future of Project success. Turnaround, now.

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describe-img-Life Sciences

Life Sciences

The Life Sciences Industry is going through major shifts. The outbreak of new pandemics has pushed the life sciences industry to break the glass ceiling and accelerate the discovery of new drugs and vaccines.

Compliance to best Manufacturing and Clinical practices, Regulatory norms and ongoing Research and Development mean only one thing, the need to have a trained workforce that can perform at peak. Talent transformation in this industry needs to continually attract, train and retain talent to drive employee and staff productivity.

VowelLMS is flexible. We understand that Compliance is a serious business and ongoing employee training is a critical component to succeed.

We realise that the ability to meet evolving needs as the rules continue to change is a game changer. Whether it is Compliance Training, Sales Training or Training on Best Practices, Vowell’s architecture provides a unique experience for Life Sciences customers to configure their learning pathways and experiences using AI powered chatbots.

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No hidden or extra fees, everything is included in the price

Bring personalisation to your learning via our customized AI learning bots. Simulate live conversations and nudges by integrating assessments and learning content delivery via personalized chat workflows.

describe-img-Retail & Hospitality

Retail & Hospitality

Customer experience is driving the Retail and Hospitality Industry. Customers want the same experience whether they are shopping in brick-and-mortar stores, online or by calling a helpline.

It’s a daunting challenge to keep every employee aligned in an industry where employee turnover is very high and yet, you are expected to deliver top notch experiences.

VowelLMS gives you an easy to deploy option to rapidly onboard new employees. You can upload any content, SCORM, PowerPoint, PDF and start tracking it.

AI powered chatbots recommend learning courses in a prescriptive format. With VowelLMS you are never away from where learning happens, in the context of your work and in the flow of work.

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Adherence to fierce regulations and stringent safety standards make Training an integral part of the Aviation industry. From onboarding new employees to providing customer service training for in-flight crew, learning plays a diverse yet critical role in the success of this industry.

Fiercely competitive, the airline industry needs continuous learning to perform effectively and provide a unique experience to their customers. In the experience economy, nothing that is good lasts for long, given this, every decision this industry takes puts their reputation at stake

VowelLMS provides flexible learning options for different audience types. Aviation mechanics need the best of both classroom training as well as online learning and in the new world, learning through conferencing. Vowel supports Blended Learning options, ability to integrate Video conferencing providers like Zoom, Adobe and more.

Vowel streamlines compliance training through automatic assignment of training courses by roles and by region. Gamification and Social Learning increase learner engagement and enhance learning performance. Powerful Analytics supports different reports for course completions, course progress, course tracking and progress. This helps learning administrators to get a full view of learning completions and certifications across the organisation enabling a mechanism to track compliance to drive regulations.

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describe-img-Energy & Utilities

Energy & Utilities

The energy and utilities vertical is going through massive shifts. This industry serves a diverse user base where learners have different job roles and functions that cover upstream as well as downstream operations.

Energy companies must adhere to strictest onsite safety, remain compliant with statutory authorities and mitigate risks and challenges. Scalability and Collaboration are key concerns for this Industry as there is a growing need to align with changing processes internationally and as well ensure efficient transfer of knowledge and information.

VowelLMS ensures all your employees are current on compliance and safety. Automating learning and keeping employees in the flow of continuous learning is as important as tracking and assignment.

Vowel provides a wide range of possibilities like tests and assessments to create flexible learning paths to manage learning. Vowels can be easily configured to deliver different learning experiences to internal audiences like employees, workers as well as external audiences like dealers and partners.

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describe-img-Training & Education

Training & Education

The Training and Education Industry is going through a period of transformation and rapid digitization. Learning Technology is central to the future of education and training.

Online Universities and Educational Institutes are offering a very diverse educational content that is tailored for a variety of graduation and undergraduate programs. The sheer number of free courses available make it difficult for education providers to provide paid access to compete. Education and Training providers need to find ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors and add value with Certifications, Badges and Education Management.

VowelLMS provides a flexible and a great personalised experience to students and education providers, online tutors and Subject Matter Experts. VowelLMS can be extended with an e-commerce shopping cart or a CRM. Vowel is built on open-source technology making it easy to customise and update.

Vowel can also integrate with a Student Management System or an ERP Application to create an integrated ecosystem to manage Education Programs at scale. Vowel comes with strong Video integration capabilities with best-in-class next gen video capabilities allowing students to interact with video-based learning programs. Other capabilities include integration with Virtual Classrooms or Video conferencing vendors like Adobe and Zoom.

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